Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Life is life. That has to be the best way that i can even remotely explain this complexed word ! Honestly, i dont even want to understand the concept of life and what is expected.

My thoughts have been in so many places lately. I cant even function without one thing or another being on my mind. First my grandfather is becoming sick- and i am hoping it is just that. As much as I dont want to think about it, it just constantly is brought to my mind. Its hard for me because my grandparents are the root to my family. Im not gon` even lie, IM SCARED yo. I pray every night. Right now the passion and desire burning inside me is to succeed! I want my grandparents to see one of their grandchildren walk across the COLLEGE STAGE! I want to be able to be the first, and set the standards and milestones for my younger cousins. I have always thought that my personal accomplishments ONLY benefited me, needless to say I WAS WRONG ; my family is my backbone, I do it for THEM!! and because of them I LIVE!!, I LIVE!! Sometimes I just lay in my bed at night and just think, think, and think. " LORD", I say , "can he please stay?" -I ask, and he answers . . . Its hard but I try to keep my composure and remain OPTIMISTIC but we all know how life is! But I have faith in my grandfather. I love him man! Its crazy but moments like these is what makes me appreciate life, but it also makes me realize LIFE IS REAL!!

as far as basketball-- the subject is wierd right now for me. Honestly, I have never been this confused in my life about anything, especially something Im passionate for. I was telling my close friends, I feel helpless sometimes. I also believe that me taking a season off from basketball is a good thing. But this season off also made things come into a much broader perspective! I know for a fact in order for me to go to any D-1 I will have to pick up my guard skills. . . dont really feel like going into this right now!

see ya later. a foo like me will update later. IM BOUT TO GET TURNT *smh lol

DAY3 of our month baby

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