Sunday, March 7, 2010


See I've thought about spendong a lot of time with yu lately. LOL
So much has happened. Since last time my j's FINALLY came- my track stuff came; I got a Jordan backpack, its smooth, my red white&blue tights- and
2 pair of track spikes- I was hella happy when everything finally came in,
I checked the mail everyday, now I don't even check it cause I'm not expecting anything aha
But its all good,- school is going fine- I think my grades are fairly decent!

Spring break is almost here, yes yes- I can't wait to go home and see my family !! I believe that just may be
What my trip is all about; and fun! My bros Quez gon be there while I'm there, so
Its only right that us three get it in, and go hard! yes yes

Our first meet was yesterday as well. Ashland was a coo lil area! But as far as the meet went- bittersweet!
That is the best way to describe it. I expect greatness from myself in everything that I do. My hurdles went fine!
I ran a 15.87 which is not bad for my first meet- but we all know I'm much faster by far! Triple Jump, I surprised myself and ended up doing good-
I placed 5th, with a mark at 40.6 ft, not bad at all for a first time jumper and first college meet
My 200 was terrible, maybe when we get to a better track- 4x1 we did good on! Terrence had a strong first leg; Trace ran good- and
Justin did good as well- for me reason I don't feel like I should be on it! Oh well though! Long jump I did terrible in! I liked their runway but at
The same time I didn't, when we tripled it was fine, but long- somethin just felt wierd LOL. *kanye shrug

Well today there is a lot to be done, and trust me being a college student is not fun 80% of the time! Time for me to get on my job and focus
-until next time!

And our next meet is saturday, I'm geeked again!! This time ill be efficiently prepared and ready for the rubber yes yes

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