Thursday, September 24, 2009


. yesterday was a pretty stressesd filled day- and i found out alot. but now its all good
-okay today i moved into my dorms finally. i got alot of things situated. everything is going all good. had an ice breaker with some of the people from the dorm. then went to the dorm orientation- kind of felt like high school and middle school when yu had the deans orientaion. but overall i had a good time. LOL. my apartment mates are cool- one is from south korea [and he likes my music LOL. and YAY to south korea and not north LOL.] my room mate hasnt moved in yet. one os from alaska i rarely see him and the other is from cali -havent see him niether. but oh well theres a entire year ahead. the weather here is SUPER cold btw lol. man this is going to take some getting use to FA SHO. ahaha

also i went in to the gym today-did some running and shootin. i need to start lifting again.! BUT OVERALL life is going well right now.

p.s. remember when life gets hard LETgo and letGOD. everyone have a blesses day or night.

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