Saturday, September 26, 2009

another day.


well yesterday i was to tired to get at this after all the festivities were done. LOL. so ill start from the morning and work my way down LOL

okay so the night before i was in my r.a.`s room with some of my team mates watching movies and just laughing at crazy stuff- so i finally get to my apt/room and try to watch something before i knock out. LOL. the following morning Kendra [my r.a.] is knockin on everyones doors to be up for the school orientatioon. so i shower and get ready and this is around 8something that morning. i head off to the orientation--needless to say i was mad i went LMAO. i was dead tired and it was a guess speaker that ironically spoke at mojave. so that was that- after that we went with our advisors- and because im lost on what my major is [either criminal justice or psychology] i went with the criminal justice majors- and there wasnt that many of us shockingly. LOL. so we sat in there and listened to him BORING! its now about 12 and there was a HUGE FREE BBQ in the quad area- so i ate came back to my dorm and went to the gym. the team was there plus some other guys-- and we had some good runs. we are all just trying to get the feel of each other. i left went to placement testing which was full came back to my rooml.and that was that. LOL. so we had a scheduled HALL meeting that no one showed up too. YEAH A WAIST i was mad cause i couldve been sleeping LOL. after a majority of the team went to to eat in the lunch room whatever yu want to call it. LOL. GROSS AS SERVING that day lol. [today was better] after that we went to a mandatory skit called SEX SIGNALS it was funny and very educational. talked about rape and body language from the opposite or same sex. LOL. that lasted a good 2hrs. after wards we had speed socilaizing- which is like speed dating LOL. it was hella coo and funny. . this is about needless to say im still going off 4hrs of sleep and havent had what we call POWERNAPS in the city. lol. then we kicked it around campus acting goofy. OH YEAH i forgot i played beach volleyball met some coo` people. LOL. that was super fun. -now back to where i was. we kicked it from dorm to dorm- hall to hall LOL. went back to my R.A.`s room for yet another movie night. this time we were all wrapped up in this movie I LEFT. and came and went to sleep . at like 2 this morning.

so far today has been a good day-still sleepy tho- woke up feelin sick- but it went away during the day. took my placement test- TESTED into some higher classes. WHOOP WHOOP. then went to the soccer game. never been to one in my life. and it was pretty coo and now im sittin here in my room LOL. so far i like college. not wish i was at a univesity. LOL

the rules here are way to strict. people are literally scared to party on campus LOL. and quiet hrs on the weekend- come on now man who has heard of that.

P.S. twin beds and a body frame like mines does not GO WELL. at all.

oh yeah pics from where im at. ill show yall. ahaha


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