Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Always be careful who yu love- the one yu love can break your heart for eternity, the one yu love can make u incapable of loving someone else, even them! But no matter what, if yu know yu have done nothing wrong- keep loving yourself, keep moving forward- keep your stride and hold your head high! See I, I will never let anyone break my stride, see I will never let anyone make me rest my head unhigh, see I walk wit the stars and the power of a god, see I love thy self before putting anyone else first, see I never would put anyone first and above thy,except the neccesary, see I enstil qualities and learn lessons from my mistakes and others, see I -thought I was powerful and mighty until I met a girl called LOVE, and LOVE she has a way of breaking me down, causing me to become physically sick, see LOVE has her way of breaking the worlds strongest man into two, see LOVE is minupulative and pulls the wool over your eyes, see LOVE makes yu blind and make yu cry, see LOVE is that uncontrollable emotion that makes yu smile BUT will make yu frown, see LOVE is LOVE and no matter how hard yu try and how hard yu hide, LOVE will find yu, LOVE will make yu- but don't let thes pros fool yu cause LOVE shall break yu too! And how yu deal with it, is your choice -yu and only yu will be able to see if thou is TRUE!

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