Friday, December 18, 2009

love lost

Babe are yu okay, do yu need anything she asks! Physically I type I'm fine, what's makes yu ask that
but mentally I'm screamin to myself TRUST is what I want, need, and fien for•
Not once have I done anything where I was like this will hurt Asia, never kissed another,
touched another, nor have I yearned for another. Its kills me because I feel as if she's hurting
herself with these trust issues. *sigh, I remember when we first started talkin, the way things were, were crazy!
But now its a different us! I promised her I wud never lie, to always be honest! She said I love yu, I said
Thank yu! I wasn't in love yet, and that's one emotion I'd vow to never mess with!
Now when I say I I'm in love with yu, I know she thinks its unsincere, and I HATE IT- my friends
Say I've changed, but for the better! I'm hopin its a good thing " cause when I look in the mirrow
I see change, and I hope that she does too"

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